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Buidling developers

We develop helipads specifically designed for residential buildings and office complexes, preparing them for the future of drone delivery services. Our comprehensive service includes the planning, design, and installation of helipads fully integrated into your building's smart system. These helipads seamlessly connect with your existing infrastructure, ensuring smooth and efficient parcel delivery. By incorporating our advanced helipads, you are equipping your building for the 21st century, enhancing convenience and staying ahead of technological advancements in delivery solutions. Let us help you transform your building into a modern hub for drone deliveries with our state-of-the-art helipad solutions.

Mining industry

We provide end-to-end solutions for drone transportation services, offering a seamless experience from takeoff to landing. Our expertly designed helipads enable efficient loading and takeoff, while the landing pads on the other end feature automated systems for distributing transported samples directly to laboratories or preparing for inspection tasks. This comprehensive approach ensures that your drone operations are smooth, reliable, and fully optimized for various applications. Whether you're transporting critical samples, conducting inspections, or integrating with other workflows, our advanced helipads and automated systems are tailored to meet your specific needs, delivering unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Drone Mediacal Delivery

We specialize in developing helipads for medical delivery, designed to streamline the transportation of critical medical supplies and samples. Our helipads are engineered to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency, ensuring rapid and reliable drone operations. We offer a comprehensive service, from initial planning and custom design to installation and integration with existing medical facilities. Each helipad is equipped with advanced automation systems for seamless loading, takeoff, and distribution of medical deliveries, enhancing the speed and accuracy of healthcare logistics. Let us help you revolutionize medical deliveries with our state-of-the-art helipad solutions.

AI Drone landing

We have developed a unique platform powered by advanced AI technology that identifies optimal landing zones for drones. This innovative system ensures that drones can safely land to deliver parcels or make emergency landings. Our AI-driven solution scans the environment in real-time, analyzing various factors such as terrain, obstacles, and weather conditions to pinpoint the safest and most efficient landing areas. By leveraging cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, our platform not only enhances the reliability and safety of drone operations but also maximizes delivery efficiency and minimizes risks during critical situations.

Defence industry

We design and prepare specialized helipads for the distribution of parcels to army and military services. Our system includes a network of helipads that can be automatically connected to facilitate seamless parcel distribution. Each helipad is equipped with advanced technology to ensure secure and efficient delivery operations, even in challenging environments. The automated connectivity of these helipads allows for precise coordination and management of parcel distribution, ensuring that supplies reach their intended destinations promptly and reliably. Our innovative approach enhances logistical efficiency and supports the operational needs of military services with robust and dependable solutions.

Drone operators

If you are a drone operator seeking an automated solution for seamless drone landing and charging, we offer state-of-the-art helipads designed to meet your needs. Our helipads provide automated landing and charging capabilities, ensuring efficient and reliable operations for your drones. Moreover, we can customize these helipads according to your specific requirements, offering tailored solutions that align perfectly with your operational demands. Whether you need enhanced safety features, specialized charging systems, or integration with your existing infrastructure, our customized helipads are built to support your unique needs and optimize your drone operations.

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